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“One of the most technologically innovative organizations in American theatre. -- American Theatre Magazine

“One of the city’s most prestigious experimental art companies.”--The Wall Street Journal

“This is not your grandmother’s multimedia.” --Gothamist

"Spectacular multimedia production." --New York Post

"Intense, visually stunning production" --Flavorpill

“Techie paradise.”-- New York Magazine

“The City's foremost space for experimental multimedia performance.” --L Magazine

“Avant garde theater at its best: it will charm you, disgust you, inspire awe in you, cop a feel and kick you out. Get thee to 3LD, stat.” --Theater

"A cracking good piece of theater." --Lighting and Sound America

“The final circular gallery . . . cuts through divisions of class and race the way the exhibition does not and is so transfixing that it may cause serious traffic problems. But it has a caffeinating effect and points the mind back toward reality and the city outside.” --‐ New York Times review of MET Gala American Woman design commission.

"No one can deny the marvel of the phantasmagoria created and executed with great precision and beauty by Kevin Cunningham and his team of videographers and designers." -- Time Out New York


"The difference [with 3LD] is that it doesn't use huge digital screens and surround sound to transport us to a world larger than ourselves (like the experience of going to an IMAX showing). Instead, it uses digital media to pull us in; to allow intimate moments to become more intimate by expanding the perspectives that we the audience see them from.”---NY

“Cunningham’s inventive staging blends traditional theater with elaborate digital technology to arresting effect.” --New York Times



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