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For decades the for-profit arts and entertainment industriesy has benefitted and profitted from ideas, tools, inventions and innovations born in the grass roots crucible of the independent experimental arts sector. Most independent artists must work in the commercial arts and entertainment industry to earn enough money to pursue purely creative work--the infamous "day job."

3LD is creating a new business model to fund and provide resources and opportunity for artists working on original new works of interdisciplinary arts. In a virtuous cycle 3LD will field a custom creative team from our network of artists and creative technologists to create large-scale immersive events and activations for commercial entities and institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or Vogue China. We hire artists from our international network of independent artists and artistic non-profits as the creative team for these commissioned projects.

Proceeds from the work feed the 3LD Earned Income Production Fund. Coupled with traditional philanthropic support and earned income, this system can provide a realistic income scale that allows us to pay our independent and non profit artists a living wage and to realistically aspire to bring their works to the scale, quality and complexity they require. Funding the time and conditions for pure creative exploration.

Vogue China Annual Event

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