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Isadora Workshop with Mark Coniglio

Feb 29 - March 2, 2020 | Brooklyn, New York

We're excited to announce that Mark Coniglio, creator of "the creativity server" Isadora, will present a three-day intensive workshop at 3LD Art + Technology Center from Saturday February 29th through Monday March 2nd.


During this three day intensive, you'll learn how Isadora's powerful node-based patching system can enhance your creative workflow. This workshop will start with Coniglio guiding you through Isadora's core features: media playback, cueing, and 2D projection mapping. Then he will expand into features added for the release of Isadora 3 last June, including Isadora's powerful new system for creating edge-blended projections, blind mode, and more.


Note: This workshop is designed for theater professionals and intermediate-level students who are technically minded, so we will move fast. If you are a novice, we do not recommend that you attend this workshop.


We hope that you'll come to 3LD and learn from the master himself!

Cost: $300 per person for the three day workshop

DateSaturday February 29th through Monday March 2nd


Time10am to 4pm each day.


Where: 3-Legged Dog is located at

33 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NY 11217

Who Should Attend:  Theater professionals and intermediate-level students who are technically minded. This workshop is not for novices!


License: For those who do not yet own Isadora, we will offer a free six-month license if you attend this workshop.


Computers: You should bring Macintosh with MacOS 10.10 or later, or Windows Laptop running Windows 10. Our recommended system requirements can be found here.

Additional Equipment: If you have a video camera, OSC or MIDI controllers, you are welcome to bring them along. We'll show some basic interfacing for these devices. If you're bringing a camera that does not offer a USB connection (i.e., a web cam), make sure you also bring a compatible interface like a Blackmagic Intensity Pro.

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