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The B3 Biennial awarded Victor Morales with Best Immersive and Time Based Art for Esperpento, showcased as part of the 3-Legged Dog Immersive Interactive Platform. Other works displayed were Matt Romein's analmosh and Peter Burr's Dirtscraper.

Morales built a virtual space for 3LD Immersive Interactive Platform, inspired by poetry of Ramón del Valle-Inclán and the aesthetic vision of Spanish painter Francisco Goya, specifically the War Paintings and his famous Caprichos.
We congratulate all the artists and their work showcased at this year's

B3 Biennial of the Moving Image.

Meet the Team


Kevin Cunningham

Executive Artistic Director


Carlos Johns-Dávila


Associate Artists


Victor Morales

Video Animator / Digital Puppeteer

Lucille Duncan Headshot.jpeg

Lucille Duncan


Jenny Mitchell new unretouched.jpg

Jenny Lee Mitchell


Jason Batcheller_Headshot.jpg

Jason Batcheller

Video Installation Designer & Engineer

Andie Lerner.jpg

Andie Lerner

Actor / Director

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