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Photo by Skye Morse-Hodgson


3-Legged Dog believes in the power of technology to amplify human experience and human expression, provoking empathy and complex reflection, thought and action. 

We exist to produce original works in theater, performance, dance, media and hybrid forms; to explore the narrative possibilities created by digital technology; to foster artists’ self expression and skill through training initiatives; and to provide an open environment free of censorship in which artists can create new tools and modes of expression and excel across a range of disciplines.

Why 3-Legged Dog?


About that name? It was inspired by a pit bull, Sid, who would perch on a loading dock outside an arts space Mr. Cunningham once ran in Houston, and jump down to chase passing cars. The dog was not only undaunted when he lost a front leg playing this dangerous game; he actually got better at it.


“The fourth leg wasn’t in the way, so he actually could occasionally get a chomp on the sidewall,” Mr. Cunningham said. “He became a symbol of for the requirements of artistic life in the U.S. : persistence of vision in the face of adversity.”The NYT

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