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Not Knowing

version 1.0

work in progress

by Kevin Cunningham

Produced by 3LD

Photo by Skye Morse-Hodgson

Not Knowing

Version 1.0

by Kevin Cunningham

written by Chuck 

September 12th - 30th

Previews 12th and 13th - $15 / Opening September 14th @8pm

Wednesday - Saturday @8pm, Sundays @5pm
At 3LD Art and Technology Center | Studio A 



“Not-Knowing” is an immersive performance work and exploration of human intimacy conceived by director/designer Kevin Cunningham, working with playwright  Chuck Mee. We are currently showing v1.0, a work in progress version of the work we did in an intensive performance and multi media design workshop in Studio A at 3LD.


Working with an incredible ensemble of veteran performers spanning the world of traditional theater and film, cirque, vaudville and new burlesque,   Cunningham has staged  an intertwined mix of  Mee’s theatrical fragments in a large-scale, immersive and technologically virtuosic playground in which audience and  performers intermingle within a constantly shifting media saturated environment.


Blending 19th century holographic techniques with large-scale mapped video we have begun our work to create a bridge between cinematic, staged and lived reality.  “Not-Knowing” examines the possibility of authentic intimacy in a world of total media saturation and the current epidemic of technologically driven solipsism.



Roger Casey, Lucille Duncan, Fibi Eyewalker, Glen Heroy, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Mateo Moreno, Matt Roper, Elizabeth Ruf-Madonado, Cassandra Rosebeetle, Ekatarina Sknarina, Errickson Wilcox


Written by Charles Mee

Conceived and directed by Kevin Cunningham

Music Supervision by Jenny Lee Mitchell

Video design by Magnus Pind Bjerre

3D video by Carleton Bright

Director of photography and editing by Skye Morse-Hodgson

Sound design by Marcelo Añez

Lighting design by Ayumu Poe Saegusa

Assistant lighting design: Andrew Trent

Set and costume design consultant: Andreea Mincic

Props by Ramona Ponce

Graphic/Web Design by Yasmin Santana

Social media  Shloka Rati

Production stage manager: Lex Rodriguez

Assistant stage manager: Andie Lerner

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