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Immersive Media Art Show

The nine immersive works of this exhibition, The artists are Hao Feng,Flower 花形瘦, Gan Jian, Loga Hong,In_K Zhen Yu, James Cao, Raven Kwok, Pink Money AKA Loong You x UFO AKA Wu Juehui, Zheng Shi. each with a different theme, have been "zipped" together, and then "unzipped" into a richly imaginative field of collective consciousness.In December 2017, TAM is excited to bring the “Future of Today” to New York.


“.Zip” represents the compression and decompression of digital files. A powerful metaphor, ".zip" not only represents the coexistence of different formats but also embodies a populist medium that allows for intimate exchanges between people in the modern age. In this unique era, the power of media is rapidly expanding due to the unceasing reproduction and evolution of different formats. The nine artists of ".zip" have used their imaginations to embody these endlessly multiplying formats by creating a dynamic environment that both captures and expands on the essence of the space. Cycling through nine immersive media spaces, the audience is invited to explore the interplay between inundation and introspection.


Amongst the work on display is .bug, created by Pink Money and UFO. Inviting the audience into a digital labyrinth, .bug invokes the experience and memories of an audience who have only experienced a computer's process of intellectualization by means of continuous “errors” and interrogates the aesthetic value of these errors. Embers by Shi Zheng aims to explore the uncanny relationship between digital art and its audience, setting up a virtual scene which mirrors the natural world but remains suspended from reality. 1194D³ by Raven Kwok is a microcosmic state within a gridded world, populated by geometric creatures created with geometrical finiteness. Fall Down by Feng Hao, based on the artist’s own experiences, investigates the paradoxical relationship between the contemporary human and modern belief systems.


Cornerstone by Gan Jian, presents a gigantic man-made city that revolves and expands around a central optical axis, using light and sound to depict the inner workings of religion, technology and the institutions that govern human development and transformation. Brainwave Communication by Hong Qile presents a virtual scene of ideal communications through fractals, colors and sound fields. ORIENS V1.0 by James Cao Yuxi extends the space's essence and expands the audience’s experience of multi-dimensional space. Similarly, Flow Void by Flower and and Emer-gence by In_K create an enigmatic experience through the use of virtual and abstract structural forms.


All of the works continuously break and rebuild our sense of time and space through synesthetic, multi-sensory provocations. The audience will be transported through and immersed in multiple imagined universes; their engagement in this shifting sensory realm completes the cycle of decompressing the “zip archive."


With The Future of Today Exhibition project, TAM is committed to developing an experimental hotbed for the future of art. With a view to expanding the audience’s experience in physical and dimensional spaces through different types of cross-media artworks, the exhibition inspires its audience to contemplate the present cultural moment. The Exhibition has also allowed for the exposure of young Chinese artists on the global stage, promoting cultural exchange and expanding the influence of China’s new media art on the international community.

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